Aiai Delas Alas ties knot with boyfriend Jed Salang

The May December affair relationship of Ai ai delas Alas and boyfriend Jed Salang finally end up into a civil wedding in Las Vegas weeks ago.  The two is planning to have their church wedding in the Philippines on December 8.   Before their marriage, the couple signed a pre-nuptial agreement weeks before they finally tie the knot.

Ai Ai, who was silent about the said wedding, posted photos in Instagram showing her, Jed, her former husband Miguel Vera and her children, Nicolo, Sophia, and Sancho.  “Formal Dinner”, this was the title of the photo.

Ai ai hastily went to the U.S. to think things over after a lover’s quarrel that almost separated them.  Jed followed in the U.S. and eventually proposed a marriage on March 25.    . 

After they patched up, the the 48 year old comedienne said in an interview that she is thankful and grateful to Jed for accepting her despite their age gap.  Ai ai added that it is  Jed whom she wants to spend the rest of her life with.

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